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Welcome to our Blog!

Laurent Baldoni, founder of Plan B Escapes, launches the new blog by discussing his dislike for them! He also explains how the whole Plan B project came to be as well as talking digital detox and clarifying what is to be the aim for this unexpected blog.



Hello Escapers!
And a warm welcome to the new Plan Escapes blog ☺
Those of you who know me will most likely be rubbing their eyes in disbelief at those words while those of you who do not know me may well be asking themselves ‘why’?! I’ve never made any pretence of my dislike of modern society’s obsession with social media and the general tendency to be permanently attached to one’s phone or tablet or computer. However I realise the need for a company in this day and age to have an online presence. And so when it became clear that this was a natural step with the continued success of Plan B Escapes I began to think about how we could still maintain our identity and stay true to our values and not become another clichéd entity churning out generic blurb.

KatyaThis is also perfect time to introduce the newest member of the Plan B SuperHero family, and the lady behind Plan B’s current reboot. A huge high five and fist bump to the delightful and amazing Katya!

As I regularly preach the merits of keeping your phone permanently on silent and generally not paying it much attention at all during the day, it became clear I would need an online superstar to handle these matters and Katya fits the bill perfectly (I will return at a later date to write another piece for this blog on the benefits of Digital Detox, and how it is perfectly possible to be a success in the professional world as well as living a well-rounded personal life without being utterly dependent on your phone nor needing to spend hours a day glued to the screen typing. One of the human race’s greatest assets are our opposable thumbs, and they did not evolve for texting!).

Rather like me, Katya had had enough of working for big companies in mainstream business so we sent a special crack commando unit to rescue her from the corporate grind and we are over the moon that she happily joined the gang. Known affectionately as the Panda Boss, the Marketing Hero or simply the Online Guru, she joins us from the vast plains of Russia and you can reach her at katya@planbescapes.com for any professional exchanges or just for a pleasant chat, she will be only too happy to oblige ☺

So when Katya mentioned we should have a blog I resisted the urge to groan and immediately started thinking about how to make it something that I could actually approve of. I didn’t want it to be about Plan B Escapes but rather I began to think that it could be a great way to connect with the people that matter – you guys! Furthermore, I thought it could be a great platform for telling other people’s stories with the aim of putting together in one place a series of interesting and informative articles.

Our mission statement can be summed up as a desire to showcase interesting, awesome and inspiring people as well lovely, beautiful and touching stories. So I’d also like to make a shout out to all people reading this to have a think and if you believe there is a tale worth telling or a anecdote you’d like to share then please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to hear it. This blog aims to be a platform for anything good happening in the world today. Let’s spread the positivity!

I did, however, think you might find it interesting to have a little background information on Plan B Escapes and how it came about and also find out a little more about the man behind the plan. Perhaps the most succinct way to do this is to attach a link of a short interview I did a little while back for another lifestyle blog. I think it most neatly brings together all the information on how and why I set up Plan B Escapes after many years of working in the film industry.


Since Plan B Escapes began, so many people have said to me “that’s sounds like a great idea, I’d love to do something like that” and the reply is always the same…do it! It’s never too late to make a change and there are no rules as to when, or how old, one should be to follow a dream. Let’s be clear, not all dreams are as perfect as we’d like them to be but it’s so important to give it a go. On my many travels over the years I’ve met many wonderful people who clearly have the energy and generosity of spirit to do something really special but they seem to lack the confidence or impetus to do so.

There should be no fear of failure. At least you’ll know you gave it a shot rather than having that endless, nagging urge to do so. We are often bound by the fears and restrictions that either society or even family might put on us but that little voice within us needs to be heard! And even if one’s plan doesn’t succeed this should still not constitute a failure. You’ll know that it is not for you and you can then focus your energies on another avenue.

One thing I did want to say about Plan B Escapes is that we genuinely care. We want you to have the best possible break and we put a lot of effort into making the events the best they possibly can be for YOU. This isn’t a factory that churns out thousands of generic items. We do a few unique events each year and take time to make each one special. We go on all our breaks in person and make sure everything is exactly as it should be and also talk personally to every client in order to ensure they enjoy their escape every bit as much as they deserve. Ours is not a money-making scheme riding off the back of the boom in the wellness market but rather a genuine and personal project in which the rewards are the satisfaction of our clients and the smiles on their faces. And obviously we enjoy the events too! Indeed the first escapes were put together based on my ideal break and my intention has always been to be able to enjoy every single event as if I were on a break too. It is genuinely exciting to be a part of it all and see how each day the clients let go a little more of the stresses of their everyday lives and gradually recharge their batteries, each on their own personal journey.

So I hope you’ll find this is not your bog standard blog. We have some very interesting pieces lined up which I hope you’ll enjoy. I see this as an opportunity to connect with Plan B’s clients as well as opening up a direct line of communication to share thoughts and ideas, and in a certain way learn more about them and their specific opinions and desires. This can only help bring us closer and help up put together escapes that tick all the right boxes.

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